Q: How to share my profile with phones that are not compatible. ?
A: You can share your I-Card profile via text, airdrop, email or on any social network by sharing your I-Card profile Link..

Q: Can I receive payments via my I-Card?
A: Users can add their Venmo, Cash Card, PayPal and more to send and receive payments.

Q: What is an I-Card ?
A: I-Card is a digital business card personalized for you.. I-Card has an embedded NFC chip. When the receiver touches his NFC enabled smartphone to I-Card, your contact information appears on his/her mobile screen. Your contact information includes your name, company. designation, short bio, phone number, email, website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus profile urls, home & office address on Google Map. The receiver can instantly connect with you on the social networks & can download your vCard to add all these details to his/her phone's address book and also store your Photo or Logo on their home screen.

Q: What is NFC?
A: NFC ( or Near Field Communications) is a new mobile marketing tool. The user does not need to Download or even load an App. Just Tap the NFC with an NFC enabled mobile phone and your content loads up automatically.

Q: Where does I-Card store my information ? Can I edit it ?
A: I-Card stores your contact information securely in the cloud. You can edit your information anytime & anywhere by visiting https://icard.live/login

Q: Do I have to create my I-Card contact profile before purchasing I-Card ?
A: No. Go ahead & purchase I-Card. When you receive your I-Card, on the first tap/scan, you would be able to create your profile.. It's very easy to create or edit your profile!